Natural born salespeople are not really born that way. They simply learned (usually by stumbling upon it) a wonderful sales structure that works well for them, and then they repeated it over and over. Now, with Green Light Selling, you can too! After 10 years researching the most successful salespeople (producing 100%-300% of their quotas every year), we found the secrets that great salespeople share. We discovered many actual structures and techniques that make the Sales Masters successful.

Green Light Selling techniques help you radically increase your sales.

In business, nothing happens until someone makes a sale. This book is about bringing in your sales consistently, year-in-year-out, by using professional communication skills and the latest linguistic techniques modeled from top sales performers. Much like Neil Rackham (author of SPIN Selling), we studied the top sales performers from many fields; what they do and exactly how they do it. By stripping the verbiage from successful sales interactions, we discovered that there is a common structure holding a successful sale together. This book teaches you step by step how to use the process and become wildly successful.

Imagine for a moment, driving in the city down a one-way street. About every other block there is a stop light. If you don't time your approach correctly, you will get caught at a red light. Once you hit that first red light, if you continue driving erratically, you will have to stop at all the red lights the whole way across town. But, if you understand the structure of how the lights have their timing set, you can have Green Lights all the way home. You will get where you want to go, faster and more pleasantly. Likewise, with Green Light Selling you get your sales faster and more pleasantly. You arrange Green Lights the whole way by using advanced psychological techniques.

You can grasp the Green Light Selling model concepts in a relatively short time. The process is packaged into small, digestible chunks to allow you to easily integrate the steps and techniques into your own personal style. Many readers improved their capabilities in some areas immediately and their overall competency in weeks.

Others have had startling overnight results by using just one or two techniques outlined in this book.

The top performers we studied enjoy their work, have high ethical standards, family lives, and traditional values. After 20 years in the sales field, many of these individuals are still performing today and have not suffered from the many stress diseases that others in the field fall prey to. They look good, feel good, and play hard.

The 5-step Green Light Selling model in this book adapts easily to fit your own personal style and allows you to emulate these Sales Masters. With practice, you will be applying this model with the same ease as other top performers.

Nothing In This Sales Model Was Invented - It Was All Discovered

This universal selling structure has been tested by thousands of real sales people, selling real products and services in highly competitive markets, to determine its workability. It is now possible to sell most products and services from this one basic format. With the Green Light Selling model you need only follow the structure and vary the product information to fit your particular product or service.

The question is, "What kind of a salesperson do you want to be?" If you want to close 75% to 85% of your viable prospects in half the selling time, this method is for you! There are many needs in the marketplace. With the sales model presented here, you will be able to supply those needs for people in a way that meets the customer's goals while also meeting yours. As Zig Ziglar said, "You can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want."

Using the techniques outlined in this book will help you make the sales you want and avoid the dead ends you've had in the past. In life, there are many opportunities for you to supply the needs of others and for your efforts to be properly compensated - even richly rewarded. Let Green Light Selling eliminate many of the roadblocks for you!

1. Overview of the GLS Model