Diligence, determination, and persistence are required for significant successes. Fear, self-consciousness, and lack of preparation often prevent good people from achieving worthwhile goals.

This exciting book contains proven, practical techniques that can help persistent salespeople stay on track as they move to toward their life successes. You will deepen your understanding regarding how top sales performers think and behave. The reader will learn the same skills top performers use to engage the customer in the problem-solving process.

The sales model presented goes well beyond preparing you for merely "handling objections" Unlike other material, Green Light Selling highlights the importance of developing an on-going relationship with the customer. Becoming proficient at the specific language and interpersonal skills presented will take the fear out of selling.

This book will teach you how to help your customer think more creatively - so they have a sense of 'ownership' about the solutions you create together. These techniques go a long way toward developing your confidence and cementing a real partnership between the seller and the buyer.

Who will benefit from this book?

Certainly professional salespeople will find specific techniques for improving their earnings. Because this book is about powerful communication techniques, managers, trainers, and negotiators will also find the concepts presented very useful.

We recommend this book to anyone who needs to communicate ideas effectively. Mastering these skills will help you be of service to others while making sure you remain ethical. If you really want to become a master communicator, this book will be an important step forward for you!